Carver County Historical Society

Photo Research

Beginning in 2015, the Carver County Historical Society made our photos available online to members. You can now search from anywhere. Please visit often. We are continually adding to the photo database. That special photo may be here the next time you visit.

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To log into the database, follow the instructions below:

Username: cchs (all lowercase) + the first 3 letters of the month you renew your membership (first letter capitalized). For example: cchsJan or cchsApr. Renewing month is located on your postcard and renewal letters. If you don’t know your month of renewal, please contact the museum at 952-442-4234.

Passcode: This was sent to members via regular mail. If you have forgotten or lost yours, please contact the museum at 952-442-4234. Your passcode changes every year on the month of your renewal.

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