Conditional Use Permit and Scandia Cemetery

The process of moving the farm from being zoned Agriculture to Historic Property for use with large gatherings is a slow one.  This week it passed through Carver County’s Zoning and Planning Committee.  The last step is to receive approval from the County Commissioners.  That should come May 2nd.  Then we will legally be able to host public events at the farm.

A representative from Laketown Township was present at the Committee meeting, to voice not only their support but their excitement in having the CCHS move forward with plans for the farm.  A letter of support was also received from Deardorff Orchards for the project.

The date for final rebids for the north barn has passed, and verbal permission from SHPO has been received to continue with the construction work on the north barn.  Hansen HomeTech is the winning bidder, and are in the process of drawing up a contract.  The first check for the Legacy granted project was received this week, so we are finally moving forward.

A conference call with SHPO is scheduled for tomorrow to discuss the need to change the engineering/architectural  drawings for the north barn.  Previously, the drawings were to restore the barn to private use.  With the change of ownership and consequently the use from private to public, the floor now has to accommodate 100 psi to meet public use requirements.

Also to be discussed, is the location for a new septic system for the house.  There doesn’t seem to be one right answer.  In each location, some landscape feature will be affected.  How can it not when we are looking at a mound that is 4 feet high. The final call will be based on a location that will affect the landscape the least. Once that is decided, we will have to look at how we can best camouflage the mound.

So much is happening.  It may seem it is slow, but behind the scenes, there is a lot happening and many steps.

On another topic the Scandia Cemetery is looking for volunteers to help clean up the cemetery.  See below.  This is the cemetery where Andrew Peterson is buried.

Would YOU please consider spending 2-3 hours
with your ANCESTORS!


When:  Saturday, MAY 7, 2016    Noon – 4PM
Waconia, MN (across from Island View Golf Course ProShop)


‘GOD’s LITTLE ACRE’, where some of your relatives are buried, could use some TLC this Spring to get it looking nice for Memorial Day (aka Decoration Day).  Besides, your ancestors are in need of some company!  Bring ‘yard cleanup’ gear & tools along with your strong muscles, or just come chat, and see what new ideas might be on the docket for the future of the Cemetery.


RSVP by May 5 to Jacque Waugh at
or 952-446-1175

For those available, come at noon -1pm for lunch at the Island View Golf Course Restaurant across the road from the Cemetery (pay on your own) and share stories and ideas.

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  1. Although I have not been to Waconia lately I am following the progress of getting public use of the farm. Wishing the staff good luck with this endeavor.

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