Friends of the Peterson Farm meeting called

Greetings all,

So many have asked to reboot the Friends of the Peterson Farm, that it would appear easy to do.  The problem has been getting someone to lead it. Finally, we have decided to just call a meeting and bring everyone up to speed and trust someone will step forward. We plan to be part of the organization, but a Friends group is designed to be a volunteer organization dedicated to helping a particular cause or project.

For those who would like to be involved or would like more information about the Friends group, a meeting will occur tomorrow at the CCHS at 11 AM.  The meeting is organizational-informational. If you have wondered how you can help, or what is going on, this is the event for you. The CCHS Curator Erika Hildreth will be leading the charge.

For more information, you may contact Erika at 952-442-4234.


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