Conditional Use Permit received!

Last Tuesday, the Carver County Board approved the Conditional Use Permit for the farm. This changes the zoning from farming to public use. This is just the first step of many, as we move toward getting the farm ready for public use.  A huge thank you to Lake Town Township, Carver County Zoning and Planning, and the Carver County Board.

Saturday the 7th, Gerry Johnson held her first Cultural Arts event at the farm.  This program will be held once a month.  It will feature a different type of craft each month and is open to the public.  She has a variety of topics each month, from spinning to blacksmithing. You can email her at

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota cancelled their workshop, as we could not get permission from the State Historic Preservation Office, in time.  Plans are to reschedule the workshop at an undetermined future date.

The Archaeology school will be beginning May 23rd.  This is being conducted by a U of M student for his Masters Degree.  You are welcome to come watch the process and ask questions.

A Historic Structures and Landscape Report grant will be submitted May 27th.  This report is a planning document that will be used to determine what is there, what needs repair/restoration and what order to do the work in.  Think of it as a Master Plan for restoration work.

If anyone is interested, we are looking for volunteers to work at the farm.  Work will include repairing the modern screens for the house, lawn work, and help at the dedication (crowd control, and putting up a large tent), on June 25th.  Contact Heidi Gould at 952-442-4234, or for more information.


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