The original engineer’s structural report was designed to put the north barn back into private use.  Now that the building is going to be public use, a new design was needed to meet public use code.  Dave MacDonald submitted the drawing to us this week, and it has been turned over to SHPO for approval.  Once approval is received, we will forward the whole package on for a building permit. Permission to build a handicapped ramp to the barn has also been submitted. Sometimes, it feels like two steps forward one step back.  But, it is all for the long term use of the property.  So all is good.  It just seems to take longer than we expect.

In the mean time, take a look at the photo above.  Ward is taking one of his sleighs out for a ride.  Behind the sleigh, you can see the north barn as it was, and will be again.

The dedication for the farm is continuing forward.  As a reader of this blog, you are invited to join us for the dedication ceremonies on June 25th at 1 PM.  Representative Dean Urdahl will be our speaker.

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