Andrew Peterson’s translated diary at the printers!

May 21, 1850

“We passed through Skkagerrak finally, and saw a little of Farsund’s point in Norway–it was the last time we saw our old Scandinavia.” Andrew Peterson

It has taken two years, but we have finally completed translating and editing the Andrew Peterson’s diaries.  The diary is hardcover and 748 pages without the index.  The index is a separate  94 pages soft cover book. The size made publishing the index and the translation together, impossible.  The index will be available for free on our website, or you may purchase it separately for $6.

The translation was completed thanks to a grant from the Minnesota Legacy Fund.  The editing and publication costs were paid for by a grant from the Swedish Council of America. Thanks to the SCA grant, the cost for the first 30 books sold is offset, reducing the cost to $42.  After the 30 are sold, the cost will increase to $50.

To reserve a copy at the lower price, contact Heidi Gould at or call 952-442-4234.


To made a donation to the Jeffris Family Foundation challenge grant for the Peterson farmhouse click this link. PayPal.Me/JeffrisChallenge


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